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Anyone who has ever suffered from a toothache knows how quickly mouth pain throws your routine into disarray. Toothaches can come on suddenly and be so severe that they disrupt your ability to function. In Las Vegas, renowned dentist Dr. Doug Sandquist frequently helps patients address and treat their toothache issues with short and long-term plans for optimal outcomes.
Smoking presents a significant risk factor for numerous systemic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. However, the impact of tobacco on oral health is equally severe, yet not as widely acknowledged. The mouth serves as the first contact for cigarette smoke, and the effects can be detrimental to oral tissues and overall dental health. At Sandquist Dentistry in Las Vegas, we're concerned about the complex relationship between smoking and oral health. Here are a few oral diseases linked to smoking and how tobacco affects the teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth.

Teeth live in a tough environment and over time can start to wear out.. they can yellow over time and get stress fractures and thin wear areas.. this is a great example how porcelain veneers can be used to rejuvenate a smile.

Dave’s front teeth had become worn and starting to be sensitive to certain foods and he was starting to have a hard time biting things off with his front teeth.. A combination of Invisalign and new porcelain crowns on the upper front teeth allowed us to restore Dave back to function and a great new smile!

Lou suffered from severe erosion of his enamel, which caused his teeth to be sensitive to eating normal foods and also meant his teeth weren’t as protected as they once were. Aesthetic ceramic restorations allowed us to give Lou a new smile and teeth that are comfortable to use!

Jani battled tooth issues for close to 20 years and was never able to find a solution due to her bite issues.. unfortunately her disease got so bad she had to do something.. with the help of periodontist Dr Ryan Gifford and laboratory technician Justin McElroy we were able to solve her bite and tooth troubles! She is now free of pain, was able to enjoy corn on the cob in Iowa this summer and be able to sing with her sisters at their Mothers memorial service.

Patricia’s wanted to upgrade her smile! We were able to do that with Porcelain crowns and veneers.

Pat’s teeth had started to cause pain to eating hot and cold foods. He also wasn’t pleased with their appearance. Modern Dentistry allows both of these to be solved at the same time!

Kurt had put his teeth on hold to take care of others in his life and finally found the time to take care of himself. Kurt’s new smile transformed Kurt into a new guy!

Derek lived on the streets of Las Vegas for about 6 years, hooked on Heroin and Crystal Meth… he tells me his Mom would call the local jails and often thats the only way she knew if he was still alive. Derek ended up in Jail for 9 months and started to get clean and has now been clean for almost 2 years and is ready to get his life started again.. I’m excited to see what he’s now able to achieve and to be a small part in helping him get back on his feet.

Extractions are necessary for many reasons. By following some simple tips, you can avoid many post-op complications and lessen your healing time to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Whether due to lactose intolerance, an ethical stance or dietary choice, many people today are choosing different methods of getting their daily calcium for strong teeth and bones.

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