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Accepted Dental Insurance Plans at Sandquist Dentistry

Do You Accept My Insurance?

For your benefit we have made the decision to have no contractual obligations with any dental insurance companies or government agencies.  What this means is that in our practice YOU will decide what treatment is appropriate for you without negative interferences from outside sources such as insurance company employees or government clerks.  This is an extremely important statement because patients in most dental offices have lost that privilege.  Any dentist or dental office that signs a contract with a dental insurance company is giving that insurance company the legal right to coerce that dentist into only offering insurance company dictated dental treatment.  We feel strongly that YOU should determine what treatment is appropriate for you – not your insurance company.

Even though we do not participate with any dental insurance plans you WILL receive payment from your insurance company for dental treatment done in our practice.  The only exception to this is an HMO plan where the only way to get coverage is to go to the HMO dental clinic.  These HMO’s make up less than 1% of all insurance plans in Nevada so that’s rarely a problem.  We are happy to electronically submit or print out your insurance forms and we will help you to obtain the maximum reimbursement possible from your dental insurance company.

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