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About Dr. Jeannie Lee-Mirzayan

Dr Jeannie Lee-Mirzayan is a native of Chicago. Her parents immigrated from South Korea and were blessed to have their first daughter during one of Chicago’s infamous blizzards! She has fond childhood memories enjoying bike rides and roller skating with her neighborhood friends. In the 2nd grade, she walked past her friend Erich as he was swinging his bat on the playground and was struck in the face. She is convinced that this dislocated her TMJ but as a 7 year old she thought it wise not to tell anyone. However, it seems to have been prescient that she became a dentist! Dr. Lee went on to attend Boston College as a psychology major and then realized she could not master the Bostonian accent so she transferred to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During these years she thought it would be a perfect time to wear a full set of metal braces along with head gear. While it did little for her social life then, who knew it would come to mean so much more in her future! Dr. Lee found her calling to enter the field of dentistry and was fortunate to attend Northwestern University in Chicago.  Even growing up in Chicago could not have prepared her for the negative wind chill walking back to the dorms on Lake Shore Drive. As fate would have it, Dr. Lee met the love of her life, Armen, and these two dentists were soon married in Maui. They took an extended 5 month trip through Asia and Europe in 1999, and  their daughter, Mia was born in 2000. After living many years in Los Angeles, raising their daughter and running a dental practice, life took them to Las Vegas. It has been full of adventures so far, from going to the strip every week to never going to the strip, to trying every steakhouse under the sun, to wondering why there are so many Dotty’s on every corner, and why would they name their gas stations Terrible’s? Perhaps the most memorable experience was that time she and her husband rented e-bikes and tried to go to the Wetlands…

Dr. Lee specializes in clear aligner therapy (Invisalign) and short-term braces. She is also certified in Myofunctional Therapy. She has been a patient of all of these modalities so is keenly aware of what the patient might need or be experiencing. Dr. Lee is thrilled to be part of the Sandquist Dentistry family.

Dr. Lee loves new adventures and learning something new everyday. She loves to exercise, hike, walk her dog, do yoga, read, and listen to health podcasts. Currently she is teaching herself to crochet and is enjoying morning sunrises.

And she muses about Invisalign and Myo-Functional Therapy on Instagram here:

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